Hack Your Career – The Secret Formula for Rapid Advancement in a Government Contracting Company

Advance your Gov Con careerIf you aspire to rapid advancement – and want to grow your career faster than your peers – you can’t sit back and hope your management recognizes you are worthy of advancement. You must take your future into your own hands. Demonstrate your value. Proactively increase your knowledge. Take on more responsibility. Hack your career.

As a government contractor, how do you accomplish these things very quickly?

The secret formula for rapid advancement in a Government Contracting company: Help your company with proposals.

Proposals will help you grow. Proposals will help your company grow. That’s a win-win.

Writing proposals in response to Government RFPs can be very massive efforts within companies. Company leadership needs inputs from many different subject matter experts and they need people that can lead the charge on different sections of the proposal. People that can write clearly and quickly become hot commodities for many reasons.

1. You show you are a team player.

You step up to the plate when others are keeping their heads down. Everyone is busy with regular work, and on top of that goes proposal support. But the dividends your support can play in the long run can help you advance your career. By jumping into the fire with them, your senior leadership will see you as someone they can rely on.

2. Proposals give you exposure to seniors in your company.

When you’re at the bottom of the company pile, you are considered by many to be just one of their executors. You aren’t viewed as part of the overall strategy or as critical to keep if the company loses the contract you are working on. Proposals can change that for you.

Being part of the proposal team will drastically increase your visibility with senior leadership in your company. You will interact with people you never would have otherwise. Assuming you do a good job, you can quickly become a go to resource for leadership. You will be able to learn what they really care about and then shape your performance.

3. You will develop a better understanding of your customer.

Your customer’s needs, concerns, and challenges are part of a good proposal response. When you take the time to consider the work from their perspective, you also identify the things in your job that satisfy your customers. Becoming invaluable to your customers improves your company’s positioning for the recompete.

4. You improve your Business Development capabilities.

Customer satisfaction is the first rung on the BD ladder. When you work with senior leadership on proposals, you take away the importance of BD to the success of the company. You begin to think about new things your company can do to support the customer. You understand the importance of delivering high quality support.

5. You get practice being a better communicator.

Clearly and concisely articulating why your company is the best for the job is challenging. Proposals are reviewed by many different people, each one giving you new ways to think and write. They are literally paying you to practice writing and giving you the best coaches in the company.

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Kathy Borkoski
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proposal ninja and tech editor. Kathy believes in growing government contracting businesses strategically through good capture and a simplified proposal process. She hates wasting lots of time and rewriting for no good reason.

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