Tailored Government Contracting Goal Planning Tool for Growth in 2016 [Goal Template and Strategy Checklist]

2016 Government Contracting Goals Planner

In these days of stiff competition and shrinking budgets in the government contracting industry, it takes a strong strategic plan to grow. For Government Contractors, the right plan includes everything from who your target customers are, how you will reach them (contracts), and how you will shape upcoming procurements.

Done properly, your strategic plan will be the roadmap you follow to dramatically improve the success of your organization. So how do we, as Government Contractors, tailor our planning to our industry?

Focus our goal planning and metrics for growth on contract opportunities

In Government Contracting, growth equals more contracts. This may be tactical sales on your current contracts, winning recompetes, or finding and winning new contracts.

Like every business, the number of prospects need to exceed the percentage we expect to win – with the big caveat that bidding on Government Contracts is usually an expensive proposal process. When we get busy, we forget to look regularly for new contracts or follow up on ones we’ve heard about.

When we sit down to set goals for 2016, it’s also an optimal time for researching (or assigning someone to research) the other potential contracts that are out there in your strike zone.

Set aside time for business development

When we get busy, business development is usually the first thing to be sacrificed because it is rarely quantifiable. It takes time, commitment, and thoughtfulness to successfully woo customers. Contract cycles are long, delays are frequent, and near RFP time, we can no longer speak to the customers. So we have to start early and pursue consistently.

Developing a Call Plan is a popular way to set action and tactics to the strategy you’ve laid out in your goals. The first, and often hardest, step is just putting the meetings that will move your business forward on the calendar.

Involve your whole team

Teach your team members how to help you grow the business, position your company for contracts, and write proposals. This type of training exponentially increases your capacity to bid and win new work.

Download the 2016 Government Contracting Goals Planner

It’s an easy-to-follow guide for your strategic thinking. Use it as a jumping off point, share it with your team, and start having discussions that will help you reach your 2016 goals in today’s competitive and shifting government marketplace.

Download Government Contracting Goal Planner

Government Contracting Goals Planner Sections

Planning is the most crucial part of a successful capture plan. Without planning, we get busy executing current work and forget to make the time to develop and execute a plan to win the next proposal or capture new whitespace opportunities for your company.


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