proposal hack

Hack the Proposal: Nail These 3 Milestones to Save Money and Train Your People

I hate unwieldy processes. These days everything has a “hack” – travel, marketing, even everyday life. But, I think you can also hack the proposal process by nailing three specific milestones to make the end result exponentially better and produced at a lower cost (stress, time, money) than it would have been. Here’s how I did it. When[…]

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Career Growth [Government Contractors]

In the world of online research, your LinkedIn profile is more important than your business card these days. Are you one of the many government contractors that only update your LinkedIn profile when you change jobs? If so, there’s  a chance you’re missing out on opportunities. There’s a lot of contract turnover in the government contracting world[…]

How to Turn Employee Assessments into Business Development Opportunities [Step-by-Step Guide]

I used to think employee assessments were for improving employee performance. And while that is a major part of it, they can also be tools to grow your business. When it comes to employee assessment time, I like to do 360 degree feedback assessments where we collect performance feedback from the employee’s co-workers and their clients. We distill the[…]

Advance your Gov Con career

Hack Your Career – The Secret Formula for Rapid Advancement in a Government Contracting Company

If you aspire to rapid advancement – and want to grow your career faster than your peers – you can’t sit back and hope your management recognizes you are worthy of advancement. You must take your future into your own hands. Demonstrate your value. Proactively increase your knowledge. Take on more responsibility. Hack your career. As a government contractor, how[…]

Warning Signs

7 Critical Warnings Your Contract Opportunity Pipeline Isn’t Full Enough

What Would It Mean to Your Business if You Won Just 1 Extra Contract This Year? Increased revenue/profits Able to hire new employees (or not fire ones from a contract you lost) Career advancement, growth, or promotion Foothold into a new client More follow on work and tactical sales (future revenue growth) An additional Past Performance[…]

2016 Goals for Government Contractors square

Tailored Government Contracting Goal Planning Tool for Growth in 2016 [Goal Template and Strategy Checklist]

In these days of stiff competition and shrinking budgets in the government contracting industry, it takes a strong strategic plan to grow. For Government Contractors, the right plan includes everything from who your target customers are, how you will reach them (contracts), and how you will shape upcoming procurements. Done properly, your strategic plan will be the roadmap you follow to[…]

How to write a great introduction

How to Write a Great Proposal Introduction

The introduction is your grader’s first meeting with your proposal. It’s important to make a good impression. But how do you write a great proposal introduction that clearly and quickly explains your understanding of the customer environment? By focusing on 3 areas the customer is always thinking about: threats, obligations, and opportunities. These 3 areas are a framework[…]

Goal Plan Action Success

3 Activities Critical to Growing Your Government Contracting Business

Ask anyone in the Government Contracting world trying to grow their business and you’ll hear that competition is increasing while dollars are decreasing. It’s simply getting harder to keep existing business and win new business. Over the last 5 years and 100 government proposals I’ve supported, there have been 3 common activities that my most successful[…]