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Kathy Borkoski

I’m an efficiency lover. Always have been.

When I was a kid, I’d plan out my weekend chores to minimize trips upstairs.

I found my personal leadership style in a high-stakes environment as a Navy diver and bomb technician. Following my military career, I became a stunt double in Hollywood for two years. Combining my love of calculated risk and problem solving, I am now a proposal manager and business development consultant.

I believe you can minimize effort and maximize output. You just have to know the process well enough to avoid the massive mistakes everyone else makes over and over and over.

That’s why I created Government Contracting Made Simple. I want to help you get your nights and weekends back during proposals. You have the knowledge, it’s just a matter of more efficient extraction.

In 2016, we’ll be rolling out a Government Contracting Master Mind, training videos, strategic plans, and other tools you can use to really start growing your government contracting business. Whether you own a company that is thinking about moving into government contracting or are a manager within a larger government contracting business, the principles are the same. And I’ll make sure everything we give you is straightforward and easy to implement. 

You, me, and my team of awesome experts will kick some serious government contracting butt.

Kathy Borkoski

Founder, Government Contracting Made Simple

P.S. Start improving your proposal life today with my FastProp System eBook.

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More about Kathy:

Kathy helps companies going after (and winning) more government work. She provides full-scope proposal management, conducts in-depth research, and coordinates capture strategy execution.

Responding to a Government RFP is challenging and demanding. Having led 90 proposals in 5 years, I have experience breaking down an RFP, keeping teams moving forward in stressful times, and polishing the document until it is both compliant AND compelling.