7 Critical Warnings Your Contract Opportunity Pipeline Isn’t Full Enough

What Would It Mean to Your Business if You Won Just 1 Extra Contract This Year?

  • Increased revenue/profits
  • Able to hire new employees (or not fire ones from a contract you lost)
  • Career advancement, growth, or promotion
  • Foothold into a new client
  • More follow on work and tactical sales (future revenue growth)
  • An additional Past Performance Reference to improve future proposals

Why Has It Been a Year Since the Last Time You Did a Big Contract Database Research Deep Dive?

  • I don’t have time.
  • I hate/don’t know how to use [insert government contract database].
  • We won’t find anything anyway.

Those are the 3 most common things I hear when I ask my new client about when they last did some contract opportunity research. I get it. Thinking about keyword searches, massive excel spreadsheets to dig through, and fruitless hunts for more contract information makes my head hurt.

But my most successful clients do a deep dive at least once, many of them twice, a year.

Now, I’m not advocating for listing and going after every contract under the sun. That’s a different recipe for failure.

I’m saying that it is important to top off your opportunity pipeline periodically. Here are 7 critical signs that it may be time to do some new research.

  1. No contracts in your pipeline today that will be due for an RFP in the next 12 months (so you have bandwidth to do capture on a new opportunity)
  2. You added a service offering since your last research deep dive
  3. You added new employees with new skill sets or networks you can tap into
  4. Your company gained a new socio-economic class
  5. It’s been a year since you last researched the contracts out there in your strike zone
  6. You set growth goals and haven’t identified the contracts that will let you reach those goals
  7. If you don’t win any of the contracts currently in your pipeline you’ll have to lay people off

If you need a tool to help you fill up your pipeline, download the Government Contracting Goals Planner today.

Government Contract Planner


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