Want your nights and weekends back during proposals?


of a well-trained capture and proposal team

Score Well

The Government is very clear about the questions they want answered in their RFP. Rookie teams change the order, add in extra, and delete critical content.

Improve Win Rate

Develop a more compelling and compliant reason for the Government to choose your company.

Save Money

The more your people are writing a proposal, the less they are delivering quality and billing your clients. Ensuring everyone understands and can execute their roles reduces the time to write the proposal.

Bid More

If you can save Time and Money by getting the right content and information from your writers and SMEs the first time, you can afford to go after more RFP opportunities.


Cost-effectively produce a compelling and compliant proposal.
Complicated processes and week long training are not effective.

In today's highly competitive Government contracting marketplace, winning contracts is harder than ever. It’s hard for the big guys that have been doing it for decades. And it’s even harder for the new guys trying to break in.

On top of that, proposals have to be written while your team is busy delivering other work for other clients. No one has a ton of time to write the 10, 20, 100 pages the RFP asks for – especially not if they are going to write and then re-write.

It’s also really expensive to send someone to a week long course. And if they don’t use what they learned immediately…. It’s gone.

You need just the right amount of training at exactly the right time – a minimalist approach to proposal management.

  • Optimal Proposal Manager Level of Training

    Enough to manage the whole process cost-effectively

  • Optimal Volume Lead Level of Training

    Just enough to deliver his Volume

  • Optimal Technical Editor Level of Training

    Just enough to help your readability

  • Optimal Subject Matter Expert Level of Training

    Just enough to give you what you need


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